Welcome to Synthetic Biology 3.0

Synthetic biology is a new and rapidly emerging discipline that aims at the (re-)design and construction of (new) biological systems. Its interdisciplinary nature between science and engineering, as well as the many potential applications, amongst others, in the health, material, and energy sectors, make it particularly exciting. The previous conferences SB1.0 and SB2.0 conveyed this spirit very well.

The third international conference of Synthetic Biology was held at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, from June 24-26 2007. We had a spectacular meeting with a lot of cutting edge science and great workshops. You will find here more information soon (proceedings, fotos, videos).

Thanks once more to all the partners, sponsors, helpers, and of course the participants for making this a truly exciting meeting!!

Previous conferences:

  • SB1.0 MIT, Cambridge, MA (2004)
  • SB2.0 University of California, Berkeley, CA(2006)



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