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Sunday, June 24, 2007

09:00 D2 Tutorial 1: Yeast for Synthetic Biology
    Stefan Hohmann, Göteborg University
  D8 Tutorial 2: Mathematical Models for SB
    Diego di Bernardo, TIGEM & Jörg Stelling, ETH Zurich
10:45 D2 Tutorial 3: Parts Fab
    Drew Endy, MIT
  D8 Tutorial 4: iGEM and the MIT Registry
    Randy Rettberg, MIT
08:00 Foyer Registration
13:00 G3 Welcome
    Sven Panke, ETH Zurich
Keynote 1    
13:05 G3 Reading , Writing and Evolving Genomes
    George Church, Harvard Medical School

Design of Parts, Devices and Systems

13:55 G3 I. CoLi Team Project
    iGEM Imperial
14:20 G3 Synthetic Ecosystems based on Airborne Inter- and Intra-Kingdom Communication
    Wilfried Weber, ETH Zurich
14:45 Foyer Coffee
15:25 G3 Evolvability and Hierarchy in Rewired Bacterial Gene Networks
    Luis Serrano, CRG
16:00 G3 Exploiting a Scaffold Protein as a Platform to Generate Diverse I/O Dynamics in a MAP Kinase Pathway
    Caleb J. Bashor, University of California , San Francisco
16:25 G3 The Semi-Synthetic 'Minimal Cell' : a Model for Early Living Cells
    Giovanni Murtas, University of RomaTre
16:50 Foyer Coffee
17:25 G3 Designing Biological Memory and Logic
    Pam Silver, Harvard Medical School
18:00 G3 Engineered Human Cells: Say No to Sepsis
    iGEM Ljubljana
18:25 G3 Towards Large-scale Integrated Nucleic Acid Logic Circuits
    Georg Seelig, Caltech
19:00 Foyer Poster Session 1 and Reception


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