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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Applications 1: Chemistry

08:15 G3 Ribozyme Catalysis and Metabolism in the RNA World
    Michael Famulok, University of Bonn
08:50 G3 Metabolic Engineering: Engineering Microbes for Production of Biochemical Products
    Gregory Stephanopoulos, MIT
09:25 G3 Sense Codon Reassignment as Means of Synthesizing Safe Genetically Engineered Microorganism
    Volker Döring, Isthmus
09:50 G3 From Metabolic Engineering to Metabolic Design: Embodying Novel Core Metabolisms and Containing Genetic Pollution
    Philippe Marliere, Heurisko
10:15 Foyer Coffee

Applications 2: Materials

10:45 G3 Sensing, Regulating and Communicating by Mechanical Force
    Viola Vogel, ETH Zurich
11:20 G3 Signaling Systems Involving Carbohydrates: Applications to Systems Biology?
    Peter Seeberger, ETH Zurich
11:55 G3 Engineered Bacterial Chemonavigation
    Justin Gallivan, Emory University
12:20 G3 3D Living Cell Microarrays Assembled Using Optical Tweezers
    Winston Timp, MIT
12:45 Cafeteria Lunch

Applications 3: Systems

14:15 G3 Production of a Human Artificial Chromosome with a Conditional Centromere
    Bill Earnshaw, University of Edinburgh
14:50 G3 Control and Design of Mammalian Clocks
    Hiroki Ueda, RIKEN
15:25 G3 A Massively Parallel Biological Edge Detector
    Jeff Tabor, University of California , San Francisco
15:50 Foyer Coffee
16:30 G3 Artificial Signaling Pathways for Pattern Formation and Programmed Tissue Generation
    Ron Weiss, Princeton University
17:05 G3 Formal Tools for Model-Based Synthetic Biology
    Hana el-Samad, University of California , San Francisco
Keynote 3    
17:40 G3 Computer Aided Design and Construction of Living Systems
    Tom Knight, MIT
18:45   Transfer to Conference Dinner Location*
20:00   Conference Dinner at Uto Kulm
    Poster Award
    End of Conference


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